Be a free spirit…


I am all about non conventional, avoiding status quo, following your dreams and calling, taking risks, being different, being yourself, being real, and I am turning my passion of writing into publishing a book. Well, I have some ideas. I have started drafts in the past. My current work leaves me so exhausted, but I plan to start soon. I keep hoping to inspire others to do what makes them come alive. It may mean being away from family and friends, or the familiar, or taking a pay cut. Whatever it is, money does not buy happiness. Real friends and family will always be with you no matter how far you wander. Also, travel forces you to make new friends on the road.

Naam rab ka naam Sai ka Ali Ali Ali.. I believe in all religions and respect all faiths. I feel at home in Cathedrals, as I do in Temples. I know Christian and Buddhist prayers. I know Islam and Sikh prayers. I learned them at Manav Sadhna, Gandhi Ashram in India.


Pagli Hawaein mujhe jaha bhi le jaye, hawa ki saheli hu mein

The crazy air takes me wherever, I am the air’s friend.

Mein ek pal hu yaha, ek pal hu waha

I am here one moment, and somewhere else another momemt



Aakash hai koi prem kavi, mein hu uski likhi kavita

The sky is a a lovely poet, I am its written poem.

I love poetry. I used to write short stories and poems in 3 languages. Mostly English and Hindi.

To breathe is to live

To live is to explore

To explore is to wander

To wander is to discover

To grow, to learn, to be humbled by our world

A world like a kaleidoscope

of many perspectives

of many colors

for an Indian American female to travel the world and break barriers speaking Spanish and Japanese, French or Somali, Hindi or Gujarati, or whatever new languages I try to learn, I try to be mindful of local cultures. The world needs more peace makers. Spread kindness. Do not be tied down by status quo and dogma. I am going to be a 70 year old lady dancing to old songs and hip hop! Always embrace your inner child.


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