Hip Hop Baila Baila

Hello my readers,

This is me dancing away at my cousin’s reception. I usually do group performances with friends, but I have done some solo dances, one for my brother’s engagement party many years ago, and one for my cousin’s reception. This reception dance made me have palpitations and anxiety before I got on the dance floor as there were 100 eyes on me. I sipped down the champagne on the table right before they announced my name. 🙂 Then my dress was so heavy that the skirt/chaniyo kept sliding down my waist, and by the end of it, I was like why does my abdomen feel so cold?! luckily, I had champagne, so I could care less, and I was barely 100 pounds back then, not like it matters. Embrace your body however it is! I motivated my parents to dance, and now they even go to the gym more than me!

Everyone has passions, and dancing is one of my passions. How does this tie to traveling? Well, when on the road, as I say, I have to keep fit. I love exercising, and the gym is my second home. However, when traveling, I do not always have access to a gym; ok, I usually don’t. Therefore, I find creative ways to workout. I have to be what I preach. Dancing is something that is so much fun, a full body workout, mood booster, can do anywhere, and can be done for 5 minutes, 30 minutes, and heck, even 2 hours. Yes, I have danced for 2 hours straight before! I firmly believe that one does not have to be a “good” dancer to dance. What is a good dancer anyway? Life is no competition. I love dancing in the rain, dancing in the kitchen, the gym, at events, and even in my office once I shut the door. It is about doing what makes you happy. If dancing makes you miserable, don’t do it, but if you can let go of fear of what people think, and shake a hip or move that arm without any rhythm, all power to you! Life is not about what others think of you. I love when people who are non-dancers try to dance. It is the cutest and sweetest thing! Just being yourself and letting go. Having a good time without a care in the world! I may be dancing from before I could walk in a straight line, and done a lot of stage shows and trained in different dance forms, but my fav is impromptu. I love breaking it down to random music, especially Latino.. Baila baila.. Despacito ❤ I remember taking classes in Bogota, Colombia and this was my song! I also love hip hop at my gym; we have classes 2x a week, but I go based on my work schedule. Some of my fav Hip Hop/random songs to dance to are: Disclaimer: The lyrics are well, its hip hop.. not PG 13. I am a feminist, as I believe in equality, so naturally, I do NOT endorse these lyrics. I find most of the songs, except for that’s my girl/Havanna/MIC Drop (well I don’t understand Korean),as having really disrespectful lyrics. I don’t like the womanizer/objectifying women lyrics, but the songs are fun to dance to nonetheless. Music is music. I dance to hip hop, pop, slow contemporary, I dance to bunch of Indian Hindi songs, I dance to Latino jam.. dance is dance. No hatin allowed.

Good ol Livin la vida loca

Mic Drop

TIMBER!! Pitbull/Kesha


Work from home

That’s my girl

Hey Mama

and of course, my all time fav: Despacito

my South America, Colombia, Jam: Havana. This was my South America Backpacking Trip anthem. I played this and Despacito on repeat for 2 months.

Here are my Indian (Hindi/Punjabi) jams to break it down to:

my childhood jam that they made into a remix: aankh maare

have your own dance parties! I miss my friends and I dancing randomly in basements and acting out scenes from movies using table clothes as dresses and being all weirdos. Good times.


Of course there is always 90s pop: Backstreet Boys, Destiny’s Child, Brittany Spears: my guilty pleasure. You drive me crazy… bye bye byeee

If you dance to these songs (no need to be in rhythm, just dance however or walk in a straight line waving your hands), I can guarantee you will burn some calories and get a great workout in. It is about having fun. Dancing releases endorphins which help with Serotonin in the brain causing feelings of happiness!

Music does not discriminate. DO your thing. Dance like no one is watching, and well if someone is, then who cares?! Be happy, live, smile, laugh, dance, and make others laugh!

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