Music and Travel, Mountains and cute little town Asheville

20190709_06295120190709_19324920190709_194644I am in Asheville, North Carolina. I had always wanted to come here. 3 years ago, I was offered a nurse practitioner job here which I turned down to stay in Ohio. I kind of regret it, but oh well. Everything happens for a reason. I lobe the mointains and fresh air, except all the construction here now. I love walkable places, and I walked around downtown for hours. I enjoyed watching the kiddos play by the fountains. That is how it shouls be. Play outdoors and be active, not on video games 24/7. The pediatric nurse in me was happy! My dream job would be pediatric primary care NP. I love kids and miss working in pediatrics. My5 years at Children’s hospital felt like a hobby, not a job. I am drawn to kids everywhere I go. I stare at others’ kids out of love. I cannot help it. Somethinf about being a cancerian may be?! It is my bday tomorow, and I have no one to celebrate it with, but God. I am thankful though. So much to appreciate about life and the gifts God gave me. I always wondered what it felt to have a big family or siblings and cousins who actually call me or ask how I am doing. Not a single cousin calls me in my bday or holidays even. None care to text me unless they need something. My sibling is so far away as well and so disconnected from me. My friends, who feel like family, are all far away now too. I have amazing friends though. Theg feel like my brothers and sisters. I had the sweetest gesture, my friend, whose wedding reception it was, her and her husband got me a present for my bday before leaving for their trip. I was like it is your wedding day, I gift you guys, not the other way around! I was so touched by their kindness and thougthfulness. I wish them so much happiness and blessings. I normally never get presents on my bday or any holidays. I always gift others things. It was strange feeling receiving a present.  I only dream what it would be like to be in a large family that cares about me and wants to call or spend time with me. If something happened to me, who wouls even be there for me. I go saving lives daily, but if I needed help, who would help. I wonder what love of siblings feels like. I wonder what it feels like to have someone look after you and protect you as a sister. I learned to be my own bodyguard and brave traveler. I built muscles through strength training going from slim to toned. It would be nice to celebrate a bday with loved ones. I am such a family oriented person, yet I have been deprived. I make plans and my own siblings cancel them. Through teaveling, I get to connect with strangers who feel like family when I stay at their homes or air bnbs. They look after me and ask about my day or life more than my own blood relatives. I guess I will cut my own cake tomorow. Whats the point. I will spend it with nature and mountains in this cute little town. It is so hippie, but in a good way. Loving the open-minded vibe. For me, music is tied tighly to traveling. I think is is natural for humans to attach meaning or experiences to songs. I am yet on another trip, and trying to entertain myself during this early morning flight. Waiting at the gate.. Havana na na na.. this song takes me back to Colombia! Especially Cartagena. I was obsessed and played this on repeat during the start of my South America backpacking trip last year.       The other song that takes me back to South America is Despacito. I love that song by Luis Fonsi. The original one that is.. so many more. Music is soul food. It can bring so much joy and peace. I am introverted and sometimes music and dance is all I need to shut myself off to the world.

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