Montreal adventure do I pose as a barbie.. lets practice some poses20190603_163504I am a barbie girl in a barbie world.. an American Indian short athletic toned barbie in casual wear! If I came here as a 7 year old, woahh! My australian roomie and I had fun in underground city barbie exhibit! 20190603_16333220190603_16331720190603_163130make a wish. Jeanie in a bottle!! I used to love I dream of Jeanie and Bewitched on nick at night!! Dear universe, my wish is your command. Thank you in advance!20190603_162252… happily ever after. 20190603_162326many cultures many forms of beauty20190603_162313my style.. 20190603_11412820190603_12061820190603_13134820190603_163505heaps of fun.. had a few takes. This is confused bubble in mouth awekward pose aka natural me.20190603_134152in the biggest movie theater ever…seeing Godzilla in Imax. 20190603_100921bascillica de Notre Dame. So serene. Loved it. I pray in Cathedrals too. God or universe or higher power is ever present. IMO. To each their own. I respect all religions. 20190603_10005220190603_10023720190603_10353520190603_11251520190603_10345520190603_09441920190603_09324020190603_075554love hostels..made an amazing friend even for several days. We clicked and my solo trip turned to a girls trip. Funny how I click and connect with people so well like magic when traveling. I forget names but never memories. She had top bunk and mine bottom. Have to change room tomorow ;( boo. Its been a slumber party.. gonna miss this. I needed this. A stranger felt like a close friend and we explored the city together, went to movies, crashed a graduation at a local uni..just stood there and people watched heheh, and wished we could get flowers and teddy bears. Neither of us really got to celebrate our graduations and we are nurses.. how sad.  20190603_184556not so sad anymore.. round 2 of this chocolate heaven. I am bringing my kids and grandkids here someday. This is gonna be a family legacy. When my daughter goes on her 1st backpacking trip, I will tell her all my crazy lovely stories and adventures! Be brave and free my child!20190603_183729my friend’s choctail!! And waffle sandwitch!!20190603_183312my oreo cheesecake milkshake.20190603_18212220190603_18055820190603_18024220190603_17543620190603_170620underground city.. we had heaps of fun figuring the maze out.. gpsing our way around town. Old town montreal to modern charm. Day well spent!! I wished for a travel buddy, I got one. She is temporary travel budy for couple days, but feels ages of connection. People I know do not travel with me much sometimes yet strangers and foreigners become family to me in hours of learning life stories and bonding over lost in the city. Ironic. Hostels rock. Someday will do 4 day train ride like my friend… it seems so cool!!!! I have to get back to saving lives till then. Meanwhile, the universe is delivering my permanent travel buddy. So blessed and grateful. Ended the night with wshing my hair with free toiletries amazing smelling shampoo and conditioner that I took from the 100 dollar hotel my 1st night here. Give me my money worth.. now I smell good. Its all good! Simple pleasures of life. I should socialize but dont wanna play pool or drink beer. Eww. I had amazing cocktail last night called fuzzy navel. I had to get it because of the name. It was good too!! And we had shots of ghostbuster whatever tht was.. hostel bars and lounges are so nice and kitchen and all. The breakfast is good too. Free buffet style. I will miss my roomie. We have plans to crash eachother’s future weddings. I will go to australia and she will come to mine pretending like we don’t know eachother!! A girl can dream. She will be sure to have veggie food for me in Melbourne!! Au revoir?! I will socialize again. I am so sore from 10 hours of walking. Hiking mont royal tomorow.

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