Montreal. I am here!

20190531_22483220190601_12012120190531_22483220190601_12012120190601_132319the hostel behind me20190601_123019they crack me up. So creative. Trying to smile. Their kindness and witt helps.20190601_14120820190601_141204walk.. love walkable cities 20190601_13452320190601_14442220190601_13231920190601_12301920190601_14120820190601_14120420190601_13452320190601_144422Bonjour! All I know in French is Ja mepel ?, and bonjour, and well bon apetit! I took French in middle school, but forget. From the moment I stepped into the country via airport, I fell fall this city. I love the vibe. Sometimes, you just know. It clicks. I have been to plaves where it nevee grew on me or took forever such as Chicago, I hate New York, but I loved DC, San Diego, Cusco, Medellin, Cartagena, Mumbai, Leh, Fort Kochi, Interlaken, and some others..I love how Montreal is so diverse and multicultural. I love the French lingo everywhere. It is so pleasant to the ears. I had amazing encounters with uber drivers. I had a Cuban and Haitian driver so far. I had a whole convo of our life stories with Cuban driver in Spanish and with Haitian driver in Engligh as I do not know Creole. I then had amazing thaali today at famous Indian thaali place downtown Montreal. I for 1st time liked their chana masala more than Palak Paneer and I am a die hard palak paneer fan. It is my fav.. yumm spinach gravy with palak cubes. Then I spent an hour at a pharmacy for fun because I am a nerd. I wanted to compare Canadian stuff with US stuff. Here are some pics and videos. As much as I enjoyed being a solo traveler, I see myself traveling the world bckpacking and having hiking trips, exploring new places, renting log cabins in the wood climbing mountains, with a partner or travel buddy. No excuses. I worked so hard to build this life and adventture spirit in me. It is deep rooted in me now. It is therapy for my past. It is coping with my present. It is hope for my future. Travel means so much to me. I envision sharing these experiences with someome. For now, I am enjoying these trips. I make friends. I hope to make new friends this trip too. 20190601_120048waiting for uber to get from hotel to hostel. I am going through something rough, and I have been on a journey of personal growth. I believe in law of attraction and how I manifesting world travel. I always said I am a world traveler, and well my life is a living proof of my imagination. I know what I deserve in life and I belive in overcoming all limiting beliefs and status quo or dogma to have life I dream of. I have suffered enough. I know my worth. I follow several youtubers who have reignited my passion for power of law of attraction. No one know the future, but I can visualize. I visualize my dream partner with me now. From solo traveler to couple travelers and backpackers. I manifested this Montreal trip. Almost did not make it as Delta overbooked the flight and had no seat for me! But I am here! I am blessed. I can choose to be sad, or choose to be happy. I choose happiness and peace. I am over panic attacks for a life not meant for me. I hve hd anxiey ever since I was harrssed at my old job. I was traumatized. I recovered after so much pain. Now I am my own advocate and do not let others walk over me and my dreams. I deserve to be a priority to myself and anyone close to me. It is not being selfish. It is having self respect. My career is a source of burnout caring for others all day. I deserve to be cared for. I need to come home and unwind and travel is a way for me to rejuvinate my soul and mind. Travel is my therapy. I will do a post on LOA later.. my hand hurts. Nap time before I head out again!

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