Nashville y’all

IMG-20190503-WA0015IMG_20190503_170942_460IMG_20190503_170137_58120190503_144816IMG-20190503-WA0022IMG-20190503-WA0016IMG-20190503-WA0015IMG-20190503-WA001120190503_11041420190503_10485620190503_094607 A foodie and world traveler by profession, and exploring new places, hiking new mountains, and trying new food aka pigging out is my specialty. My mantra in life is, life is too short, so be yourself, grow to be best version of yourself, challenge status quo, and create the life of your dreams! I am a dooer. I like spontaneous trips and making things happen. I hate excuses. Everyone says I am very courageous and brave for a woman. I say I have worked hard to build myself up to be like this. Mostly through solo travel from my early 20s. I learned that people will always stop me and question me. I learned that no one can see my dreams the way I can. All it takes is inner faith and for me, my spirituality and God as my best friend by my side at all times. I am never scared when traveling. Even solo as a woman. Chop chop karate! Don’t mess with me! I am a nurse and can do first aid on myself. I am resourceful and can memorize maps and directions like a photo memory instantly. I learn new languages easily and blend in like a local, which in my opinion, is best way to travel, live like a local! I went from shy little girl growing up with not much money, skipping school lunches due to cost, shopping at thrift stores, to being able to travel the world, a dream many people have. The only.difference, I work hard and make it happen challenging status quo, and others find excuses. I never had the time or money to be honest. I made the time, saved up, go into credit car rewards, stay cheaply in hostels and air bnbs. Only time I stay in hotels is when its free from CME conference allowance when I have to attend medical conferences, or if I get half off with reward points! Or with certain friends and family who cannot adjust to air bnb and hostels. I get it, its not for everyone. I respect that. I just do not find luxury hotels too cozy. I have been in many due to my medical conferences and had $300 per night rooms which I felt like is too much. I had no choice then as the conference was there and I was alone with no hostels or air bnb nearby. I got it all reimbursed though. Other than that, I love cosy rooms and homes, elegant, yet comfy. I love feeling like a local. In Nashville, we stayed in air bnb and loved it. We had cute little room with comfy mattress for a good night sleep. A neighborhood to go walk around at night! I love the food and music vibe downtown and suburb living! Very walkable.

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