El final de mi viaje

a friendly young woman and I took turns taking photos of eachother! Perfect timing as my selfi mode cannot capture this! On cerro Santa Lucia.

sunset on a remnant of an old inactive volcano with panoromic views of the city.

hiking boots over heels anyday

Comida de Chile: guiso de cochayuyo, algas y papas con ensalada y te frio a mi restaurante vegetariano favorito en Santiago

Tomorow, I fly back with a series of flights and layovers, so I will arrive Friday the 13th. I am already having the post travel blues or may be that is fatigue from lack of proper sleep as people were playing drums outside at 1am. Backpacking is such a joy. I have lived such adventures and seen things that opened my mind more and made me feel more humbled as a human bieng on this planet. How does one return to day to day life?Home is where the heart is, and I have left a piece of my heart in every country I have now lived in. South America has won my heart with the kindness of the people and marvel of nature. I do not think anyone understands the affect traveling has on a person. It is not a few day vacation to a resort, going from one American place to a Americanized resort in another country while exploiting locals. Instead, it is living amongst locals like a local, feeling pride to be in Colombia as if it is my home, or going to the grocery store and laundramat in small town of Banos, Ecuador, or living with a family in Lima, Peru going to local markets, to climbing great heights in Cusco, to seeing my grandmother in a sweet elderly lady who looked after me when I was so used to fending out for myself. Strangers, who I shared hostels or air bnb homes with, who became best friends for days. Travelers have a way of sharing life stories over breakfast with strangers with no reservation, things I never share with my closest friends. Travel opens the mind so much to possibilities that the status quo becomes boring and tedious, yet it also teaches simplicity and minimalism. This has been the longest of all my backpacking journeys, and I can only imagine that the travel withdrawl will be that much stronger. Life is all about perspective. My family and friends may never understand how I can so easily transport myself to new places and be such a free spirit, but I met fellow travelers who reminded me I am not the only one. 1000s of people like me who have a unsatiable thirst for what life has to offer and love the world. No fence or cage can keep my mind and spirit. I broke out of stereotypes as a woman in a conservative culture where I was not allowed to have dreams and kept from living my life the way I want. I went from a shy little girl to an outgoing young woman. I went from not knowing what feels like to live in a house in my city to living in houses all across the world. I went from being mistreated to received immense kindness and generosity. Humanity sees no barriers of language or geography. Kindness is universal. I have seen and experienced so much. Despite all of that, I am looking forward to seeing my friends and family. Travel also teaches that best things in life, are not things. They are people and experiences. It is going to be so bittersweet tomorow getting on the plane. Real journey never ends, and this is a pause, not a stop. To be continued…

museo national de bellas artes

Emapanada heaven

Its like waking up from a dream: Wake me up, shake me up, race me to the stars. So much to know, so far to go, the galaxy is ours. The galaxy is ours my girl, the galaxy is ours… -Protozoa from Disney’s Zenon the girl of the 21th century.

Eating my feelings with chocolate. Chocolate is the prophylactic treatment and medicine for the inevitable post travel blues.

…and hiking up an inactive volcano one last time…

san cristobal hill in the distance that I hiked 1 week ago

My lovely bookbag. We have been through so much together. Now, time to condense it all in you to avoid check in bag fees. Challenge accepted.

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