Santiago una otra ves

Finally used the metro! Had to buy a card, as they do not sell single one way tickets. Oh well, still cheaper than a taxi! I need to use the metro again! I will miss public transportation once I go back to land of cars, consumerism, and pollution. Why can’t all cities and mayors light a bulb in their minds to use tax payers’ money for public transport with a metro, underground or not. I have seen so mny systems in the world, and know it is feasible! Do not have to be a rocket scientist to see that. Have to go back to the govt taking 50% of my hard earned money for God knows what lame useless projects while I work my butt of. I will take care of everyone’s medical needs while I will be without health insurance myself for months. What type of backwards universe is this. I shouls move to Sweden. I have friends there now. Seeing so much of the world makes me see the flaws in my city that is not even safe for women in their neighborhoods, workplace, parks… Pay taxes and work like a machine to be harrassed. Some people do not know manners or how to respect female healthcare providers. Foul language and inappropriate remarks are simply unacceptable, yet female medical professionals have to deal with this crap all the time, especially young women. Forget it. I have been through the worst, and know the possibilities of the best that I have experienced through kindness of strangers in other countries outside of the Estados Unidos. Respect is a priority, not an option for humanity. Better horizons await land far away donde yo siento segura.

headed to my fav veg place in the city soon as I dropped my big backpack at the reception air bnb building. I was so excited for te frio y menu del dia pero 😞 no more menu del dia as time was up! I had enchiladas instead which were ok, but they will be my dinner for next 2 days here! I need to go back for lunch! Then off to my city hikes up tue cerros (hills)! The waiter remembered me haha. I think they realize I am obsessed with that place! It is rated one of the top vegetarian/vegan places here! Soju! Muy rico! Lunch time is crazy busy with line waiting to be seated!

I feel at home again in Santiago, but then again, I feel at home any place I go. I get homesick sometimes, but any traveler knows how to deal with that as it is a part of any long journey. Also, a part of being a seasoned traveler is that no place is foreign, and I turn strangers, or really strangers turn me into friends and family. It was sad saying bye to my host and roommates in Valparaiso, and I even became friends with the uber driver there! Muy amable! My Latino patients used to say that phrase to me all the time, and now I can see how much it is embedded in the Latino culture, genuine kindness and friendliness. I realize how much I do not know and how terrible my Spanish is the more time I am here. My patients used to tell me my Spanish was really good and I never needed an interpreter. Instead, I would help my colleauges by interpreting sometimes. Here, I learn new Spanish words everyday and realize how much I do not understand! I am humbled by people having patience with me as I try to converse with them in Espanol. I once read a book: Kindness Diaries. I feel like I have been living it. I can write a book on the people I have encountered and somehow they left a mark in the journey of my life. Each page can be a fellow traveler or local’s story of kindness and what I learned from them! Traveling really teaches that people are more alike than different despite global positioning and the differences should be celebrated as part of global diversity. Traveling and knowledge are antidotes to ignorance and discrimination.

the globe is my playground… And the world is my textbook. Forever, a student of life and Planet Earth.

My favorite stamp in my passport, and favorite stamp ever!! Passport to Machu Picchu!

I came across this about a week ago here… I had a bean burrito to fuel my hike up the cerro! Do what makes you happy in life! Life is too short to keep wondering if the taco bell tastes the same or different in Chile versus Estados Unidos!

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