Vina del Mar

polar opposite from Valparaiso, yet within 15 min, can go from one vibe to another tune.

The modern beach city with tall buildings and lovely ocean views. As I am sitting in this lovely little cafe I found serendipitously after walking 3 hours with pressure ulcers on my feet thanks to these cheap flip flops. My plan to find the Mexican place failed as it was closed, and the other one was too expensive as this city is seriously overpriced. It is like Malibu with the beaches. Everyone is so fit and active riding bikes and walking outside which is so refreshing to see. I love the songs here: they go from playing Uptown funk to local Latino music… Fusion at its best with some falafel. Food I can eat! It is a challenge finding vegetarian food here. Excited to get back to Santiago for the vegan place I love so much!

I finally got to get in the ocean but only so much as most of these beachea have strong currents and prohibit swimming. Enjoyed sunbathing nonetheless! I am like a mosaic of 10 different skin tones now! My melanocytes and sunscreen gave up after a while and they soaked up the sun too! I’m gonna soak up the sun….as Sheryl Crow would sing. Vitamin D time!

Some cold.Pacific ocean water to break from the burning mid afternoon sun rays.

stay sweet…life is too short to be bitter. My lovely air bnb house has roommates that are so sweet! The older lady helped me do my laundry this morning and made space on the clothes line to hang my clothes to dry! Reminded me of India. She was so excited to talk to me in Spanish telling me the previous guests only spoke Russian! The other young woman, like my age, helped me turn the gas hot water thing on. I still have not figured that out! The owner is so sweet too! They have such kind manners and hospitality. They make me want to stay here longer…pero necesita regresar a mi pais 😦 plus I have spent too much money and am done with my budget. Chile is expensive! I figured, but this much! I am going to need to avoid spending money for next couple months…I will see how that goes😛 kindness is priceless. I have got plenty of that here! When my clothes were hanging outside to dry at night, it rained a lot. I thought it was raining in my dreams half sleep so I did not bother going to check. In the morning, they were all wet. The air bnb host offered me to stay an extra night for free because of that. He also offered to let me use his iron to dry them! I was like its ok as I had reservation already in Santiago. The older lay saw me off and waited with me outside. They made me feel like a family member. They were like you look like you are 18! I was nooo. Almost a decade off! They were so sweet. I miss my Valparaiso family already!

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